Research methods and project management

Research methods and project management

Research methods and project management

Gain hands-on experience from skilled members of research staff in practical research methods and project management techniques to plan your research project, collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data.




ENGAGE: Learn the methods and techniques that are essential for you to conduct your research.

Date and Time                                   Title                                                                Campus                            
 17 November 2017, 10.00-13.00 Qualitative Data Gathering   Singleton Campus

EXPLORE: Develop your skills to analyse the data you are collecting and manage your research project effectively.

Date and Time                                   Title                                                               Campus                         
24 October 2017, 14.00-16.30 Introduction to Statistics in R   Singleton Campus
13 November 2017, 10.00-13.00 N.Vivo  Singleton Campus 
15 November 2017, 10.00-13.00 Data Visualisation  Singleton Campus
27 November 2017, 10.00-13.00 LaTex  Singleton Campus 
28 November 2017, 10.00-13.00 Matlab  Singleton Campus

ENHANCE: Developing these skills is best placed before this stage to give sufficient time for data generation, analysis and writing. Further skills development could enhance and support your career aspirations.

Date and Time                                 Title                                                                   Campus                                         
27 November 2017, 14.00-15.30  R Troubleshooting  Singleton Campus

IMMERSE: Utilise the most appropriate methods to complete your research degree, and look for opportunities to manage projects beyond your research, through competitions, positions of responsibility and paid and voluntary work.


Swansea University subscribes to SAGE Research Methods , where you can access a whole range of resources including video tutorials and ebooks to guide you through the application of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods and data analysis techniques. 

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 The following books are also available from the library to support your learning in this theme:


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