Enterprise and commercial acumen

Impact and Commercialisation

Impact and Commercialisation

Consider the commercial applications and reflect on the other potential impacts of your research on the wider community and society.




ENGAGE: Begin to think about the wide range of impacts research can have, and the implications of these.  To book courses click here.

Impact and Influence: Maximising your achievements beyond academia

EXPLORE: Consider and explore opportunities for entrepreneurship and start to build a network of contacts, and consider intellectual property issues.  To book courses click here.

Protecting your intellectual property

ENHANCE: Develop your skills as they would apply to your future career, being creative and considering the market for, and impact of, your research outputs.  To book courses click here.

Communicating the Impact of your Research

Commercialisation - what can you do with your research

Consultancy - working with external partners

Finding and applying for research funding


Take part in entrepreneurship competitions and seminars, attend events and create a network of contacts, look for paid work and volunteering opportunities that will help you gain insight into business operations. Look out for opportunities for placements within external organisations related to your research area. 


Complete online training around entrepreneurship and access other supporting resources via Blackboard.