Career planning and progress

Career planning and progress

Learn how to recognise and market the skills you’ve developed during your research degree, and explore the career options available to you and how to pursue them.


ENGAGE: Get started thinking about career direction and the skills you will be able to acquire during the course of your research degree.

Date and Time                    Course Title                                                                                Campus                             
14 May 2018, 9.30-12.30 Careers beyond research: applying your skills outside academia Singleton Campus

Explore options, focus on opportunities to develop transferable skills, and begin developing your researcher profile.

Date and Time                          Course Title                                                                  Campus                              
23 November 2017, 11.00-12.00 Raising your Research Profile through Open Access Singleton Campus
15 February 2018, 13.00-14.00 Raising your Research Profile through Open Access Singleton Campus 

Undertake training and receive support to progress your career, helping you to recognise and market your knowledge and skills.

Date and Time                               Course Title                                                      Campus                                                     
30 November 2017, 9.00-16.00 Researcher Day Bay Campus
 1 February 2018, 9.30-12.30 How to market your skills  Singleton Campus 


Keep an eye on the job market - what roles are available in your field? What skills and experience are they looking for? Ask for feedback on your applications and interviews. Look out for events and opportunities run by Swansea Employability Academy 


The Swansea Employability Academy (SEA), supports all Swansea University with their career planning and progress. Make an appointment with a careers adviser, and access their resources online:

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Develop your 
Research career podcast series   
Successful interview skills