Academic writing

Academic writing and critical evaluation of written work

Develop your writing skills in an academic context, enabling you to produce well-structured and engaging chapters for your thesis, along with papers, articles or books that communicate your research clearly and effectively.




ENGAGE: Learn how to write in an academic context, and begin your own writing, starting with your literature review.  To book courses click here.

Writing the literature review and writing anxiety

 EXPLORE: Continue to develop your writing skills to produce draft chapters of your thesis

Turbocharge your writing

ENHANCE: Enhance your writing skills to finish your thesis and produce articles for publication.

Accidents happen : how to make sure you don’t inadvertently  plagiarize

Getting a book published

How to publish your first journal article

Publish or perish: academic publishing in a nutshell


Take every opportunity to write throughout your candidature, writing up as you go along and submitting papers for publication. Consider writing something for The Conversation, an independent, not-for-profit media outlet that uses content sourced from the academic and research community.


Visit Blackboard for eBooks, videos and guides to help you to structure and write your literature review, increase your writing motivation and productivity, finish your thesis and publish your research findings.