About the Skills Development Programme


The Skills Development Programme aims to support a thriving community of postgraduate researchers by providing a wide range of exciting and creative training opportunities.  Courses equip postgraduate researchers wth the skills, attributes and knowledge to thrive as independent researchers and professionals.  Engaging with the Programme enhances the student experience, employability and research skills.  You can also attain a Skills Award to add to your CV through attendance at courses. Further details can be found here.

Course Providers

Courses are free of charge and are provided by academics at Swansea University, library staff and by leading training professionals from across the world.  Courses are also provided by the Academic Success Programme, Development and Training Services (DTS) and Research,  Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS).

College Induction

This year postgraduate research students will be introduced to the Skills Development Programme at your College Induction. 

A full list of dates can be found below:

College     Date of Induction
College of Arts and Humanities     13th October.  For further details please email g.wasiniak@swan.ac.uk
College of Enginering Please email y.m.rees@swan.ac.uk or j.f.evans@swan.ac.uk
College of Human and Health Sciences Details TBC for further details please email a.m.davis@swan.ac.uk
College of Law Details TBC
School of Management Details TBC
College of Medicine 1st November, 11.00- 12.00, ILS1, Seminar Room 117
College of Science 29th September 2016 for further details please email s.j.fenn@swan.ac.uk for Geography, l.glover@swan.ac.uk for Bioscience, y.liskevich@swan.ac.uk for Maths and j.edwards@swan.ac.uk for Computer Science