The Parthian Books and Library of Wales Award for Outstanding Impact in Culture, the Arts and Sport


Professor Huw Bowen, Stuart Griffin, College of Arts and Humanities

“Copperopolis: Regenerating and Transforming an Industrial Landscape in the Lower Swansea Valley”

Huw Bowen

Following the twentieth-century decline of the copper industry, the Lower Swansea Valley became a by-word for British post-industrial blight, giving rise to the view among Swansea residents that their industrial history was best obliterated.  As a result, little survived of the copper works and there was no interpretation to inform public understanding of the industry’s past.  Led by Professor Huw Bowen, a range of activities was undertaken to raise awareness of the importance of Swansea’s copper industry, and to persuade regeneration and planning officers in local and Welsh government of the untapped cultural potential of the former smelting sites. Research on the copper industry by Swansea historians has acted as a catalyst for the regeneration of the former Hafod-Morfa Copperworks site in the Lower Swansea Valley.


  • Swansea Copper Festival (5 March 2011) which attracted an estimated 2,700 visitors. By 30 Nov. 2011 the Festival website had received 2,848 unique visitors and had 9,938 page views.
  • A temporary exhibition on ‘The World of Welsh Copper’ (National Waterfront Museum, 1 July - 30 Oct. 2011) during which time 104,492 people visited the Museum.
  • A project website ‘The World of Welsh Copper’ went live on 1 Nov. 2011. By 31 July 2013 it had received 9,675 unique visitors from 110 countries

Judges’ comments:

“Significant engagement at different levels in professional disciplines through the school children, bringing about significant impact on the culture of Wales”

“Wide ranging impacts and raising the profile of Swansea University in a world context”.

Huw Bowen and Stuart Griffin


David Britton. College of Arts and Humanities    

“The Wizard the Goat and the Man Who Won the War” 

David Britton

DJ Britton’s experimental theatre presentation about Lloyd George toured remote locations and urban centres throughout Wales achieving unusually high audiences.  Its reach was compounded through a BBC broadcast on Lloyd George’s 150th birthday.  Its innovative artistic and commercial model, involving potential audiences from the start, stimulated professional and public discussion. Shortlisted for three national awards, the production has led to an Arts Council of Wales £20,000 grant to enable its model to be extended in a further play. It attracted international attention at Singapore Management University’s Arts/Business Conference and has been performed in the city where it is set: Antibes.



Judges’ comments:

“Wide ranging reach from theatre professional critics and also reviews. Impact on a wide ranging audience, exploratory research and cultural impact including critical acclaim”.


The Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales, Fflur Dafydd, Christine James and Tudur Hallam. College of Arts and Humanities        

“Using creative writing to engage the public in Welsh language culture and enrich the cultural life of Wales”

Christine JamesFflur DafyddTudur Hallam

Creative writing has had an impact on Welsh language culture by making a prominent contribution to Wales’ largest cultural festival, the National Eisteddfod, including a best-selling novel which won the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize (2009), a commemorative poem which won the Chair (2010), and a historic appointment as Archdruid of Wales (2012); When Fflur Dafydd won the Daniel Owen in 2009, the highlights on the day attracted 44,000 viewers on S4C. Similarly in 2010, when Tudur Hallam won the Chair competition, the Eisteddfod’s highlights of the day programme was viewed by 49,000 people.  All three authors have developed their role as academics whose creative writing impacts on the all important task of cultivating the cultural life of the Welsh language. 

Judges’ comments

“Wide ranging impacts within different sectors of Welsh cultural life, cultural engagement in values at high level, significant output and acclaim, developed a brand around the Academi Hywel Teifi and members”.