Reserch Impact Fund Winners

EPSRC IAA awarded projects

Swansea University Medical School (SUMS)

Dr Amy Ruth Godfrey - Development and optimisation of an LC-MS analytical approach for the detection of quarternary ammonium biocide pollutants within environmental

Dr Justyna Piasecka - Advances in practical clinical blood analysis: from current laboratory electron microscopy to high throughput table top imaging flow cytometry

Professor Cathy Thornton -

Professor William J. Griffiths - Biomarkers of neurodegeneration

College of Science

Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar - Chronic Back Pain Management in Communities Using Portable Sensors

Dr Richard Unsworth - Securing the role of seagrass meadows in supporting food security in Indonesia

Dr Sofya Lyakhova - Does taking more Mathematics at A-level help transition to a STEM degree?

College of Arts and Humanities

Dr Alexander James Langlands - The Lost City of Old Sarum

Professor Liz Herbert McAvoy - Healing Space: Time Out in the Medieval

College of Engineering

Dr Christian Jenkins - Expanding CNH process etch capabilities for advanced Compound Semiconductors

Dr Matt Elwin - Growing links with Compound Semiconductor Industry

Dr Charles Dunnill - Wind to Hydrogen Using a Piezoelectric Flag


 EPSRC IAA & SURGE awarded projects

College of Science

Dr Claudio Fuentes Grunewald - CellBioProbe

Professor Tariq Butt - Development of new lure for monitoring and control of thrips

College of Engineering

Dr Nick Owen - Photogrammetric analysis of archaeological artefacts

Prof Owen Guy & Dr Anita Devadoss - Ultrahigh Sensitive Label-free Graphene Biosensor for Cancer Diagnostics

Dr Chenguand Yang - Robot Learning through Physical and Verbal Interactions with Human

Dr Melitta McNarry - Investigating the role of IMT as a non-pharmacological intervention for CF patients

Dr C. Tizaoui - Evaluation of reactive species in non-thermal plasma

Dr Paolo Bertoncello - A novel highly conductive anion exchange ionomer for electrochemical sensing

Prof Andrew Barron - Metal removal from waste water

Dr Enrico Andreoli - ESRI-Avectas collaborative on CO2 catalysis

Dr Harshinie Karunarathna - Are simple estimates of coastal recession enough for sustainable coastal management?

Dr Robert Lovitt - MembrEnergy

Dr Kelly Mackintosh - The role of 3D printing in understanding children’s’ physical activity levels

College of Human and Health Science

Dr Claire Williams - SASNOS - Improving outcomes after acquired brain injury

Dr Stephanie Best- The role of professional identity in integrated health and social care teams’

Dr Michelle Lee& Dr Menna Price - Mind-set cues and snack consumption

COAH & College of Engineering

Dr Krijn Peters & Dr Rajesh Ransing - Trailers from Trash: kick-starting motorbike trailer construction to enhance low-cost infrastructure in Liberia

COAH, College of Engineering, Medical School

Dr Dion Curry, Dr Enrico Andreoli, Dr James Cronin - Initiative for Managing Policymaker-Academic Cooperation and Knowledge Transfer (IMPACKT)