Materials Engineering Projects

Swansea Univesity Industry Partner Project Title
Brian Edy Dr Martin Brunnock - TATA Steel Research and Technology Colloboration with the Materials Processing  Institute (MPI) and TATA Steel Using modelling to improve process and design new products in the Steel Industry
Dr Nicholas Lavery  Edzo Zoestgergen - TATA Steel Preliminary Investigation into Suitable Models of Physical Vapour Deposition applied to a Continuous Strip
Prof Steve Brown   Marc Holmes - TATA  DEM Blast furnace project /COBRAS -
Computer Optimisation for Blast furnace Reliability, Advancement and Sustainability
Dr Nicholas P Lavery Dr Barrie Goode (Technical Manager - Cogent, Tata) & Dr Mark Cichuta (Operations Director Electrical Steels Tata)  Application of Combinatorial Synthesis to new Electrical Steels
Dr Meghdad Fazeli and Dr Petar Igic  Jon Elvins - TATA Steel, Justin Searle - NSG and D. Warsley - Spesific Integration and control of energy storage mechanisms within mainly resistive, autonomous microgrids
 Dr H M Davies  Dr Matt Thomas - TIMET Grain Boundary Character Distribution analysis  of a New Titanium alloy (Ti407) for Aerospace Applications
Dr Nicholas P Lavery Dr Dyfyr Davies - Weartech International Ltd    Application of Combinatorial Synthesis to new Co-Cr based alloys