Impact Acceleration Account

Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

After completing the first stage of the IAA project with great success, EPSRC has awarded Swansea University another £241,491 to carry on supporting the development of impact from our EPSRC funded research portfolio until the end of March 2017.

£100,000 of this funding is allocated for secondment & project opportunities aligned to Materials Engineering and £60,000 is allocated for proof of concept proposals aligned to broader EPSRC portfolio.

In addition, IAA will offer training opportunities to drive culture chance, and to embed impact across its research portfolio. The University will further develop its programme of impact training for academics and postgraduate students.

Swansea’s Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) will run for three years to 30 March 2017 and aims to permanently improve the way the University delivers impact. This will be achieved through prioritising research areas encompassing health, energy, manufacturing, computer science, technology development, and associated disciplines, and by developing and implementing a programme of innovative approaches that will transform the impact of Swansea’s EPSRC research portfolio.

Targeted activities will include:

  • Providing professional training and development opportunities for researchers and industrial partners;
  • Secondments from and into industry to broaden engagement with industrial research partners;
  • Marketing and promotion of EPSRC research portfolio and impact-related opportunities;
  • A series of forums and sandpit events to facilitate improvements to impact delivery through sharing best practice and identifying opportunities to develop new synergies for achieving impact;
  • Seedcorn funding to stimulate new opportunities for achieving impact;
  • Instigating an institution-wide impact award scheme to recognise and celebrate research impact.

 What is 'Impact?'


One of the cornerstones of EPSRC’s commitment to maximising impact of their investments is their investment in Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs). IAAs were introduced in 2012 to provide flexible support for activities to accelerate and widen the delivery of impact from EPSRC portfolio.Therefore, since 2012 Swansea University utilises the IAA funding to develop and implement a programme of innovative approaches that will transform the impact of its EPSRC research portfolio.

Impact from research can be defined “as an effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia” (Research Excellence Framework (2011).