Harold Thimbleby

Principal Investigator 

Harold is Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Future Interaction Technology Lab (FitLab). FitLab focuses on researching and evaluating complex devices that change our everyday lives, be they in our homes, cars, mobile phones or medical devices, to change their design and operation through better technology. Harold was the founding member of SURF, Swansea University Research Forum, which encourages and supports interdisciplinary networking and research across the University.

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Huw Bowen

Co Investigator

Huw is Professor of Modern History and Convenor of History Research Wales, a collaborative partnership that brings together 100 scholars and research students from across all the universities in Wales. Huw is currently leading an ESRC funded project to investigate the influence of the 19th century copper industry on Swansea.

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Mike Charlton

Co Investigator

Mike is Professor of Experimental Physics and known for his work with low energy positrons, positronium and antihydrogen. Amongst many other roles he is a member of the SPS Committee at CERN. Mike is particularly active in outreach work and is currently Chair of the South Wales bra ch of the British Science Association.

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Tavi Murray

Co Investigator

Tavi is Professor of Glaciology, Head of Swansea's Glaciology Group and Science Director of the Mike Barnsley Centre for Climate Research. In 2007 Tavi was awarded the Polar Medal for outstanding service to polar research. She is the current Director of SURF, Swansea University Research Forum and committed to developing a sustainable interdisciplinary research culture at Swansea.

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Judith Phillips

Co Investigator

Judith is Professor of Gerontology, Director of the Social Sciences Research Institute and Director of OPAN, the Older People and Ageing Research & Development Network. Her research interests include the social aspects of ageing, housing and retirement communities and intergenerational networks. She draws upon many different disciplines to inform her research.

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John Tucker

Co Investigator

Professor of Computer Science and Head of the School of Physical Sciences. John is particularly interested in the philosophical, sociological and historical aspects of computing and the history of Science in Wales. He is the founder of Swansea's University History of Computing Collection and the British Colloquium on Theoretical Computer Science.

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Rhodri Williams

Co Investigator

Professor of Engineering, specialising in the fields of Rheology, non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Cavitation and Nanotechnology. In 2007 he was recognised with the Royal Society Brian Mercer Award and given the Institute of Chemical Engineering Industry Award for Innovation and Excellence for 'contribution and collaboration in the development of biotechnologies which ultimately advance the quality of health and life'.

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Chris Williams

Co Investigator

Professor Chris Williams was the Director of the Research Institute of Arts & Humanities between 2010 and 2013. RIAH brings together researchers and postgraduates across the College of Arts& Humanities to create a rich research environment geared to excellence and impact.

Research Institute for Arts & Humanities



Volker Roeben


A graduate from the universities of Keil, Heidelberg and Berkley, Volker joined Swansea in 2007 as Professor of Public International Law. He is also Director of Research for the School of Law. Before coming to Swansea Volker clerked for Justice Di Fabio in the German Constitutional Court and served as a member of the Advisory Committee to the German Federal parliament for the International Missions of Armed Forces. In 2010 he convened a major international conference at Swansea which addressed New Uses of the Sea.

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Andrea Buck

Programme Manager


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