Funding ongoing projects

The Escalator Fund and continued seedcorn funding are structured to help researchers at different stages of their thought or interdisciplinary research process and to encourage, over time, progressive applications to a stage where they could command external funding support.

A list of the types of projects funded in this way are arranged by year below.

Escalator and seedcorn projects funded by BTG

Seedcorn funding, 2013

October 2013 

  • Professor Frances Rapport, College of Medicine (Qualitative Health Research Unit): Gym use and culture in Higher Education - £4,779; Read more
  • Dr Ian Mabbett, College of Arts and Humanities and SPECIFIC / Engineering: MAM (Materials: Ancient & Modern) - £1,740
  • Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, College of Arts and Humanities: The visual automated search for super influences - £4,966
  • Nick Owen, College of Engineering: Analysis of geographical origin of the crew from the Mary Rose warship, using whole-genome chip genotyping - £4,997
  • Dr Andrea Tales, College of Human and Health Sciences: Computer-based measures of attentional function in ageing and dementia.  - £3,028
  • Dr Richard Johnston, College of Engineering: SURF Research as Art - £5,000
  • Sujung Ahn, College of Science (Geography): 3D printed surfaces and templates: precision models for soil wettability studies - £3,465
  • Dr Ben Pascoe, College of Medicine (Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease): The discovery of Campylobacter in asymptomatic children. - £4,290
  • Dr Yunqiu Li, College of Science (Computer Science Department): Design and Evaluation of Chronic Condition Self-management Auto Feedback and Education Program on Mobile Platform - £2,580
  • Thomas Pritchard, College of Engineering: The history of the Severn barrage – the media’s involvement in the public understanding and engagement with science. - £3,697
  • Dr Kate Evans, College of Science (Geography): SURF Seminar series - £750

Escalator funding, Autumn 2012

September 2012

  • Dr John Dingley - College of Medicine - Emergency Medical Oxygen: Development of an instant oxygen generation solution for difficult environments without use of compressed gas cylinders - £5,390.00
  • Dr Richard Johnston - College of Engineering - SURF Research as Art - £12,261.00
  • Dr Nicole Koenig-Lewis - College of Business, Economics and Law - Identifying the role of consumer behaviour in (re)shaping future water utility business models under climate change impact - £7,190.60
  • Dr Shareen Doak - College of Medicine - Nano-scale sensing of biological exposure - £7,494.00
  • Dr Kar Seng (Vincent) Teng - College of Engineering - Effective Management of Chronic Diseases and Ageing Population through Innovative Technology - £1,992.50
  • Dr Stefan Doerr - College of Science - Bridging the knowledge gap between man-made biochar and wildfire charcoal - £7,000.00
  • Kate Evans - College of Science - Bilingual SURF seminar series - £750.00
  • Dr Yamni Nigam - College of Human & Health Science - The Cockroach Factor - £14,998.00
  • Dr Pavel Loskot - College of Engineering - Establishing Networks Research Group at Swansea University - £7,500.00
  • Dr. Benjamin Palmer - College of Engineering - ZnO Quantum Dot Biosensors - £3,000.00
  • Dr Connie Pey Fen Eng - College of Engineering - Microneedle – Pain Free Technology for Drug Delivery Applications -  £7,390.00
  • Dr. Ambroise Castaing - College of Engineering - Toxicological study of carbon nanotubes and Imogolite - £2,128.00
  • Dr Daniel Johnson - College of Engineering - Investigation into the internal fine structure of Ensis siliqua shells - £2,672.57
  • Dr K Ennser - College of Engineering - Photonic sensors for physiological monitoring - £7,339.00
  • Prof Gareth Stratton - College of Engineering - Application of nanotechnology and computer science to the development of physical activity sensors - £9,744.00
  • Dr Yufei Liu - College of Engineering - Advanced piezoelectric biosensors and hollowed microneedle for blood sampling and drug delivery application - £5,000.00

Escalator funding, Spring 2012

March 2012

  • Dr Tom Cheesman, College of Arts & Humanities: Translation Arrays- £3,000
  • Nick Owen, College of Engineering: Analysis of Attributes of Archers from the Mary Rose - £6,780
  • Dr Michael Gravenor, College of Medicine: A Foundation for Large Scale Phylogenetic Analysis using HPC Wales – £7,141
  • Dr Ed Dudley, College of Medicine: Development of Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography for the Study of Environmental Mammalian Semiochemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds) as a Novel Method of Population Study - £6,937
  • Dr Eleanor Fisher, College of Science: Action for Low Carbon Economy: Community Engagement for Social Transformation - £2,983
  • Dr Paul Ledger, College of Engineering: Towards the Next Generation of Simulation Tools for Identifying the Physical Characteristics of Ice-Mass Substrates from Seismoelectric Data - £3,000
  • Dr Robert Laramee, College of Science: Visualisation of Flow Past a Marine Turbine: The Information-Assisted Search for Sustainable Energy - £5,000
  • Professor Maurice Whitehead, College of Arts & Humanities: Bowling Balls or Hidden Halls? A Geophysical Investigation of the Architectural Mysteries at Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire - £2,641
  • Nick Owen, College of Engineering: A University Based Motor Development Programme for Children with Coordination Deficits - £8,505
  • Dr Amit Mehta, College of Engineering: Antennas as BioSensors for Cancer Detection - £5,950
  • Professor Mike Webster, College of Engineering: Complex Rheological Materials and Complex Flows - £7,400
  • Ingrid Hallin, College of Engineering: Chemical Effects of Biochar on Water Repellent Soils - £3,500

Escalator funding, 2011

September 2011

  • Dr Stuart Macdonald, Law/Arts and Humanities/Engineering - Cyber-terrorism: a multidisciplinary perspective - £4,880
  • Tess Fitzpatrick, Arts and Humanities/Human Sciences - Tracking lexical retrieval behaviour in semantic dementia - £1,418
  • Xianghua Xie, College of Science - Swansea Biomedical Computing Laboratory (BMC-Lab): A multi-disciplinary Research Unit - £2,200
  • Dr Cristina Izura, Psychology/IPCRES/English Language and Literature - A comparative exploration of the distinctive qualities of oral, hand written and typed language in memory and recall - £5,049
  • Dr Cristina Izura & Professor Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, Psychology/Linguistics - Communicative profiling of online sex predators - £4,500
  • Elisabeth Bennett, Uni Archives/History and Classics/Engineering - Archives of the Welsh Steel Industry - £500.80
  • Dr Yamni Nigam, Human and Health Science/Medicine/Science/Engineering - Clots from Crabs: Can factors from invertebrates act as clotting agents for human blood? - £8,108
  • Dr Paula Row, Medicine/Engineering - Preliminary in vitro study to investigate the antibacterial activity of essential oils of culinary and medicinal herbs against clinically relevant gut bacteria - £5,000
  • Professor Marcus Doel, Geography/Information Systems/ESDGC/Economic Geography - New financial Subjects in New Financial Times: University tuition fees, student subjectivities, and the fate of communities - £19,650

March 2011

  • Dr Max Wilson, Computer Science - Web Science at Swansea: Establishing Wales' leading centre for Web science - £8,452
  • Dr Bob Laramee, Computer Science - Advanced Visualization of Electroencephalography (EEG) Data - £7,000
  • Dr Gabriela Jiga-Boy, Psychology - The Allure of Good Plans: How mobile phone-based feedback can boost the positive effect of concrete plans on health behaviour change - £3,950
  • Dr Raoul van Loon, Engineering - Studying lymphatic physiology through computational modelling - £7,500
  • Dr Hamid Tamaddon, Engineering - Biorheology, cancer conditions and modelling - £7,446
  • Dr Kasia Szpakowska, Egyptology - Experimental breakage of clay cobra figurines: ritual or accident? - £2,000
  • Dr Neil Loader, Geography - "Life on the Shelf"; a study of fungal virulence - £2,450
  • Dr Michelle Lee, Psychology - Modelling choice behaviour: what can psychologists and economists learn from each other - £1,614
  • Professor John Tucker, Computer Science - Science and Technology in context - an idea generator - £2,500