Continued support for researchers

In 2006 the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) launched a new initiative as part of its Cross-Disciplinary Interfaces Programme (C-DIP). This new initative was called Bridging the Gaps (BTG), and during the next four years the EPSRC invested £10.5 million in supprting 23 BTG programmes at universities throughout the UK. This money included £987, 801 at Swansea University, the single largest grant to awarded to a university programme, and the only institution in Wales to receive BTG funding.

Awarded the largest single grant of any of the UK BTG programmes, Swansea's BTG helped generate original ideas, turned those ideas into projects and supported researchers as they built bridges beyond traditional discipline broundaries. 

It showed, in the simplest terms, that investing in the BTG vision not only helps address the profound physical, economic and social challenges that lie ahead, but also creates and affirms a powerful community of effective researchers: this is why the University continues to promote BTG branded activity and continues to invest in cultivating research and researchers through seedcorn funding.