Research Development costing and pricing

Proposal costing and pricing

Costing and pricing of your proposal

The University has an electronic costing system - the Award Management System (AMS). This will provide researchers, Colleges and Professional Services managers with a single process and system for all external funding applications. The system will enable efficient costing and pricing, approval and authorisation and management information.

Access to the AMS is available via the 'Education and research' left hand menu within Agresso Business World (ABW).

Becoming familiar with AMS is important for anyone intending to put in a proposal for research or consultancy.  You are advised to use the on-line training materials and to book a Hands-on training session in your research Hub or as part of the REIS seminar programme.  The AMS will enable you to create accurate costs and gain on line authorisation from the College. All bids must go through the AMS.

Full Economic Costing Explained

For Support with costing and pricing of your proposal, please contact the Research Support Advisors, based in the 4 Research Hubs:


Barbara Usher Research Support Advisor 01792 (60) 6371
Jenna Hopkins Research Support Advisor 01792 (60) 4443

Life Science:

Amber Furmage       Research Support Advisor    01792 (60) 4617

Arts, Humanities and Law:

Allan Griffiths Research Support Advisor 01792 60(60) 6848

Bay (Engineering & Management):

Laura Bowden Research Support Advisor  01792 (60) 3717
Oliver Williams Research Support Advisor 01792 (60) 4649