Policies and processes

‌‌‌The aim of the Research Development team is to ensure that all applications meet the criteria set out by the sponsor to avoid delays or disappointment for academics later in the assessment process. We endeavour to ensure that the sponsor will have all the information they need to make a decision about your proposal and that the application is submitted in time.

Policies and processes relating to research development at Swansea University are listed below:



AMS Step 1: initiate a proposal on AMS

AMS Step 2: create a costing on AMS

AMS Step 3: checks on proposals under £100k fEC

AMS Step 4: validation of proposals of £100k fEC and over

Quality Enhancement of Research Proposals

Restricted and Prioritised Bids

PI role and responsibilities in the research application process



Frascati Definition of Research

P1415-956 Research Ethics and Governance Senate approved July 2015

RCUK Efficiency 2011 - 2015

Research Policies Swansea University Nov 2015