European Space Agency calls MACH1 a 'world class resource'

On a recent visit by Professor David Jarvis, Head of Strategic and Technologies at the European Space Agency (ESA) responsible for 125 million Euro of R&D activity and a team of 12 managers and research fellows, Professor Jarvis referred to MACH1 ( Materials Advanced Characterisation Centre) as a “a world class resource”.

MACH 1 has been funded by Welsh Government to provide a service to businesses and industry to deliver multi-sample, high- throughput testing of advanced materials. The Materials Advanced Characterisation Centre (MACH1) mission is “to support Welsh advanced manufacturing industry by the provision of high throughput technologies for materials characterisation, materials selection and analysis and to establish itself as a worldwide recognised centre”.

The capabilities of the MACH1 centre will provide short, medium and long-term support to industry. The Centre offers a wide range of material and measurement capabilities to deliver multi-sample, high- throughput testing of advanced materials to industry. 

The MACH1 project provides evening seminar networking opportunities for academics and businesess. The latect seminar featured Professor Andrew Mullis, Institute for Materials Research, University of Leeds  as a guest to speak on the subject of 'Metal Powders: Production, Characterisation and Simulation'.  The seminar was aimed at academic/researchers and companies who are working with or are interested in metal powders and how developments in production, characterisation and simulation techniques are expanding the opportunities for their use.

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