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The purpose of Research Councils RCUK Research Outcomes Harmonisation

The Research Councils (RCUK) are now using a single, harmonised system for the collection of information on the outcomes of Research Council funded research throughout the life cycle of a grant and beyond. This system is called Researchfish, which has been used by MRC and STFC for a number of years already. Researchfish is a web-based system intended to be of benefit to researchers, as well as a valuable resource for RCUK . RCUK no longer require final reports on grants and have replaced this approach with collecting outcomes information on an ongoing basis.

 The Importance of Collecting Research Outcomes Information

The Research Councils regularly use information submitted by grant holders to provide evidence of the importance of research to Government, as well as other partners i.e. outputs will be used to demonstrate the impact of research funding to Government. This is an opportunity for grant holders to make them aware of their achievements and notable successes. Research Councils also use the information to demonstrate the value of public investment in research, and are committed to making public as much information on the outcomes of the research they fund as possible through the Gateway to Research portal.

 Submitting your Outcomes to Researchfish

Grant holders should be invited to register with Researchfish via a registration e-mail. If you hold a grant or have done in the past but have not been invited to join please contact the helpdesk at Researchfish

Grant holders can enter information into Researchfish at any time, and continue doing so even after their grant has ended. In addition, the Research Councils will follow a common annual timetable for grant holders to confirm that the information in the system is complete and up-to-date. The harmonised ‘submission period’ will run from 5 February - 15 March 2018.

Grant holders are strongly encouraged to engage with the Researchfish system in order to return full information to them.

If you require further guidance please visit the RCUK website or use the resources shown below

If you still have any questions please contact the Hub Manager within your relevent Swansea University College Hubs


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