PIPA Financial Monitoring Tool

Principal Investigator Project Accounts -PIPA Financial Monitoring Tool

Have you heard about the new financial monitoring tool which provides details of project finances via the Intranet?

The Department of Research and Innovation in collaboration with ISS has developed a new financial monitoring system -  PIPA-Principal Investigator Project Accounts - to help PIs, Project Managers and Administrators access financial data easily and conveniently.  

 The system allows PIs, Project Managers or delegated users to access the financial information on currently active projects. The major benefit to users is that the system gives access to live information on transactions and committed items and gives an up to date budget statement on project accounts.  A brief manual has been developed to guide users how to get the most out of the PIPA system, illustrating how to view accounts, download financial information and use the search and sort functions. The manual can be downloaded is published on the DRI pages here.

 PIPA enables you to:

  • View  financial transactions and commitments by the months selected
  • Export data to spreadsheets
  • View a summary of financial transactions by the months selected
  • View a real -time budget statement for the project lifetime
  • Search for individual transactions by various criteria

PIPA can be accessed on the  Staff Intranet. PIs and Project Managers can also nominate a delegate(s) to view project information. Just contact DRI specifying the names of the delegates and we will arrange for them to have access to the system.

 You should find it easy to use but if you prefer some personal guidance please contact DRI for a brief demonstration. Alternatively, your College may participate in a drop-in demonstration session in the Autumn so look out for these dates.

 For any further information or if you have any questions please contact Colin Elvins on 01792 295430 or email  c.w.elvins@swansea.ac.uk