Contract Advice

What is the process for managing contracts, collaboration agreements and sub contracts?

REIS is responsible for negotiating and approving the terms of all externally funded related agreements on behalf of the University and for providing advice about research-related contractual and intellectual property matters. Research Councils and major sponsors have standard contracts that in most cases do not require much negotiation. REIS can assist you with agreements covering:

  • Sponsored research including subcontracts
  • Research-related and consultancy services for industry
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information
  • Transfer of proprietary materials
  • Any other sponsored work involving the university

At proposal submission, the budget and proposal should have been checked and authorised by the College and REIS in line with the University submission procedures and this will form the basis of the contract or grant agreement.

REIS has a number of model contracts available and a library of reference contracts. This includes Sponsors’ standard contract which are often used as the basis for negotiations. Examples of the types of contract available in REIS include:

  • Sub-contracts to other universities
  • Collaboration and Consortium Agreements
  • Material transfer agreements (MTAs)
  • Confidentiality agreements (NDAs)

Further guidance is available from your Research Development Officer in REIS.

Do I need a Collaboration Agreement or a Sub-contract?

One contracting party (normally the sponsor, or lead contractor in a subcontract or consortium) will produce the first draft. Contracts with industrial partners typically require more negotiation.

To summarise:

If Swansea University is involved in a collaborative proposal and the collaborator is named in the proposal, then your EFO will take the lead on initiating the collaboration agreement or for reviewing agreements sent to Swansea by the lead sponsor. If the collaborator or sub-contractor is not named, your College may be able to make use of a simple template agreement prepared by REIS. For sub-contracts with value <£10k, the College may be able to process through a purchase order.

Values between £10k and £30k, DRI can advise if required. For values >£30k, you should contact the procurement office.

Further guidance is available from your Research Development Officer in REIS and from the Procurement Office in Finance.