Awards Process

What happens when my grant is successful?

The Research Development section of REIS provides support with the acceptance of proposals. REIS also provides central administration of all research grants and contracts awarded to the university including initial cost-code set up and set up of budget. Post award tasks include funding authorisation for staff appointments, sponsor invoices and claims, compliance of expenditure with sponsor rules, final audit and close-down of grants. PIs will need to involve REIS in transfers to/from other higher education institutions

The procedure for obtaining Head of College Approval is summarised below:

  1. Offer of grant made;
  2. Head of College Acceptance form is issued to PI to sign and accept offer of grant;
  3. Form passed to HoC to sign to confirm that REIS can enter into  negotiations and accept the award, if required;
  4. Upon completion of negotiations, REIS will sign the contract on behalf of the College and the code will be issued;
  5. Once signed on behalf of the University and the Sponsor, one fully executed copy is retained by REIS. It is advisable for the PI to also keep a copy to refer to during the project.

If required, negotiations with the funding body can only be entered into and concluded once the HoC form is signed and received by REIS. The length of negotiations varies depending on the funding body and for standard contracts such as RCUK, they are not usually required. Once negotiations are complete a financial code will be allocated and the PI notified.