Swansea University

24. Special Provision


It shall be the candidate's responsibility to inform the College of any disability or of any extenuating circumstances which might require special provision for assessment.  Candidates shall be required to produce appropriate documentation in support.  All requests, whether resulting from long-term disability or short-term circumstances, shall be set out on the appropriate form and supported, where possible, by written evidence. 


Further details and guidelines on special examination arrangements shall be found in the document Guidelines for Colleges for Dealing with Students with Extenuating Circumstances and/or Special Needs.


The College of Medicine operates a 'Fit to Sit' policy in relation to assessment.  A candidate who attends and completes any assessment will be presumed to be fit to take the assessment and evidence of extenuating circumstances produced afterwards in respect of circumstances existing before the assessment will not be accepted or considered by the Examination Board.  Full details of this policy shall be published in the programme handbook.


The University shall presume that, unless the College receives details of extenuating circumstances, the student had not been unduly affected by circumstances prior to or during the assessment in question.