Swansea University

9. Mode and Pattern of Attendance


The mode of attendance denotes whether a degree programme shall be studied full-time or part-time. The pattern of attendance indicates the requirements of the degree programme in respect of years spent at the University, Foundation Years, Transitional Years, Intercalary Years and periods of Industrial placements.


Full-Time Mode of Attendance


Full-time candidates are normally expected to pursue modules, the total credit weighting of which will be 120 credit points in one academic year. However, candidates pursuing modules, the credit weighting of which is less than 120 credits but exceeds 90 credits, are also regarded as full-time students. 


Part-Time Mode of Attendance


Part-time candidates normally study modules the total credit weighting of which will be 60 credits. Part-time students shall not be allowed to pursue more than 90 nor less than 30 credits in one academic year.


Candidates studying in the College of Human and Health Sciences may, in certain circumstances, be permitted to pursue less than 30 credits in one academic year.


Mixed Mode of Attendance


A candidate who changes his/her mode of attendance during the period of candidature of a particular programme of study (i.e. pursues the programme as a full-time and as a part-time student) shall be regarded as a candidate pursuing the programme on a mixed mode of attendance basis.

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