Swansea University

1. Introduction


Candidates may qualify for an award of Swansea University under these regulations upon successful completion of one of the following approved modular programmes of study: Certificate of Higher Education, Diploma of Higher Education, Bachelor Degrees - Honours, Joint Honours, Major/Minor Honours, Combined Honours, Ordinary, Advanced Initial Degrees.  Candidates may pursue a programme on a full-time or part-time basis or a combination of both (mixed mode of attendance).


All candidates must enrol as students of Swansea University and pay the appropriate fees prescribed by the University. 


Full-time candidates registered on an undergraduate initial degree may not concurrently be enrolled on another degree programme leading to the award of a qualification of this nature in this or another university/institution without the express permission of the Recruitment and Admission Committee or appropriate sub-committee.


The candidature of students found to be in breach of Regulation 1.3, shall normally be cancelled with immediate effect.


All candidates shall be expected to enrol within the first week of the first semester or within the prescribed period published annually.




As enrolled students, candidates must comply with the University's academic and general regulations.

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