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You should expect to have effective supervision arrangements which provide you with regular, high quality, support, advice and guidance during the pursuit of your research degree award.

The thesis, however, must be your own work, for which you have taken responsibility.

The Academic Board (Postgraduate Research) recognises that supervision practice may vary between disciplines and Colleges. For example, some Colleges actively encourage students to work as part of a group or teams which may include external/industrial supervisor(s) to compliment the work of the academic supervisors. Some students will receive the majority of supervision from their first supervisor. You should ensure that you have received information from your College with regard to the supervision arrangements that have been put in place for you.

All students will be allocated a supervisory team. At a minimum, you will be assigned two supervisors throughout the duration of your programme of study. This is from the time of your initial enrolment until completion of the examination process (including resubmission if applicable).

Your first supervisor will be your primary contact throughout your research student journey and will have overall responsibility for your supervision, including reporting your progress to the Academic Board (Postgraduate Research).  Your first supervisor must be a member of staff employed at Swansea University who possesses the qualifications and expertise and experience in your proposed topic area to act in the role of first supervisor.

Your second supervisor may have a more generic role and will be also be available to answer questions and queries both of an academic nature and in more pastoral circumstances, should your first supervisor become unavailable.  In some Colleges, your second supervisor may have a more active role in your supervision.  Again, you should ensure that you have received information on the specific arrangements in place regarding the role your second supervisor.

Some students may also have an external supervisor to support their research. Typically, this may be a supervisor from Industry or specific area of professional practice (e.g. medicine) to support the research. External supervisors may also be drawn from other Universities.  Such arrangements would be put in place by your College. The Academic Board (Postgraduate Research) ensures that all external supervisors have the necessary qualifications and experience to support your research.

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