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Keeping In Contact With The University

Keeping In Contact With The University

Keeping in Contact with the University and Making your Views Known

We appreciate that you will be focusing on completing your thesis on time, but it is important that you regularly take the trouble to see whether there are any official messages for you. APECS will be sending you information about Skills Development. The Academic Office for Postgraduate Research will also be in contact about changes to University regulations and practices by e-mail, so it is particularly important that you check your University e-mail account at least weekly, even if you choose to use another provider for your personal communications.

Occasionally we will also need to write to you, for example to send re-enrolment information and the outcome of the Postgraduate Research Progression Board meetings which have reviewed your progress, and it is therefore very important that you inform the University promptly of any change of postal address. This can be done through the Intranet on-line form or by e-mailing the Accommodation Office. You should also inform your College of any changes.

Further information on procedures, communication channels and your representation on College and University committees is set out in Section 2.

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