Swansea University

Study Abroad

(Undergraduate Students)

You are positively encouraged to consider studying abroad and to learn a language whilst studying for a degree at Swansea University. It is recognised that a mobility experience can offer a significant enhancement to your learning experience, not only in terms of learning an additional language (if relevant), but also of being exposed to and learning from a different culture. Your employability prospects will undoubtedly be enhanced following a successful study period or work placement in another country.

Some degree programmes offered at Swansea include an ‘intercalary year’, as an integral part of the degree. During the 'intercalary year' you will either study at a foreign university, or undertake an industrial placement. Any study or work period abroad is co-ordinated and approved by the College concerned. Your progress, while undertaking your placement, is carefully monitored by the Home College.  

You must sit the examinations or be assessed at the host university, if you are studying abroad, or you must complete the industrial placement satisfactorily, in order to complete the year and progress to the next level of study. If your progress or performance is unsatisfactory you can be required to withdraw from the programme or, possibly, from the University.  

If you study in a foreign university you will be informed of the mark assigned to your studies by the Home College. This mark will be included in the degree classification conventions and might influence your degree classification. The rules governing the awarding of a degree for students studying a programme which includes an intercalary year are included in programme regulations and assessment regulations.

The University also permits you to study abroad in lieu of study at Swansea.  In order to be allowed to do this, you must seek the support and approval of your College in the first instance. The College, in turn, will present a case to the Undergraduate Academic Board, explaining the agreed courses to be pursued at the foreign university. Once approved by the Undergraduate Academic Board, you will be permitted to undertake a limited period of study abroad, normally pursued during your second year.

Information on study abroad opportunities can be obtained from the Study Abroad team, based in the International Development Office (building 2.1 on the campus map), email studyabroad@swansea.ac.uk.

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