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Employability and Careers

Employability and Careers

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Employability is relatively easy to define; it refers to a combination of all your knowledge, skills and personal qualities, drawn from your study, student jobs and leisure activities, which will make you attractive to employers.

We all have strengths and weaknesses; some knowledge, skills and personal qualities can be improved and developed, while in others you will have achieved as much as you can.

To improve your employability you need to know about what employers really want, the fundamentals of graduate jobs and the competencies which employers expect you to have.  You need to understand the framework for developing employability, appreciating the processes through which you can improve and develop during your time at University.

The Swansea Employability Award (SEA) is available to support you with your employability. By going to the website www.sea.swan.ac.uk you can follow the process and requirements of the award. The SEA concentrates on you as an individual with several exercises that help you understand more about yourself and what you might like to do when you graduate. You are also required to find and complete two experiences. These experiences can come from a number of places, including work experience, volunteering, student positions of responsibility etc.

You are responsible for engaging in the process, reviewing, planning and recording your personal development. The Personalised Learning Environment, PebblePad, which can also be found on a tab in your Blackboard account, is designed to let you do this at you own pace and in your own time. PebblePad includes such tools as a CV builder and an action planner, you can upload most types of files, create blogs and e-portfolios to support your personal development. When you graduate you can continue working on PebblePad or you can export your files and ‘assets’.

The Careers Service can support you with this and your career ideas throughout your time at University. You can book an appointment to see a Careers Adviser and/or send an email question via the Careers and Employability web pages interview booking and e-guidance systems. There is a wealth of information on the Careers and Employability website.

The Careers Service provides opportunities for you to meet graduate recruiters through the Employers’ Talks Programme and the Employer Careers Fair.  There is also support for you to obtain work placements and work tasters through the GO Wales initiative.

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