Swansea University

4. Reporting Procedures

Reporting Procedures for Unsatisfactory Attendance and Failure to Re-register


The three Academic Boards, namely, for Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and Research provision, are responsible for ensuring that students’ progress and attendance is being overseen.  They receive reports from the Colleges and the Academic Registry and, through the Dean and Associate Deans, take appropriate action.


Those students whose attendance and/or progress remains unsatisfactory during a semester, shall be reported to the Dean. Likewise, the names of overseas students who fail to re-register will be referred to the Dean. The Dean shall normally have the following options for dealing with cases of unsatisfactory students:

  • identify problems which might affect the student’s attendance and, if relevant, suggest a possible solution, or refer the student for professional help;
  • issue a warning letter, e.g. in cases where there is evidence that the student is still pursuing his/her studies and is in contact with the College, but might have failed to have attended the compulsory interactions or to have re-registered;
  • allow the student to continue, under a strict Learning Agreement, to be drawn up by the Acting Director of Academic Services;
  • require the student to suspend, e.g. where contact with the student shows difficulties with continuing on the programme at the current time;
  • require the student to withdraw, e.g. where the student has failed to make any contact with the College/University and is presumed withdrawn.

The Dean shall be authorised to take executive action in dealing with such cases and the Dean’s action will be reported to the next meeting of the Academic Board.


Students repeating the year/modules will automatically have been informed by the Academic Registry that their attendance and progress is subject to close scrutiny and the Academic Board could fail them at any time, if adverse reports are received.


Any prolonged absence, e.g. over 3 months, or a semester, will normally result in the student being reported to the Dean and being withdrawn from the University.