Swansea University

1. Definitions


Unsatisfactory Attendance

Please refer to the University's Policy on Attendance.


Unsatisfactory Progress

Unsatisfactory progress includes, but is not exclusively confined to:

  • failure to achieve a satisfactory standard of written work, tutorial or seminar presentations, professional placements, assignments, class tests or examinations which may or may not contribute to the formal assessment of the module or course;
  • failure to submit required work, including additional work and late submission of work, by appropriate deadlines without providing a satisfactory reason to the College concerned.



All notifications required by these regulations shall be sent to the student's recorded term-time address, home address and official University e-mail address, unless the student has notified both the Academic Registry and the College in writing that an alternative address should be used. Deadlines are defined in working days, that is, Monday to Friday, excepting Bank Holidays and other official University closures.  In the case of correspondence FROM the University, deadlines are measured from the time of dispatch.  In the case of correspondence TO the University, deadlines are measured from the time of receipt.



An interaction shall be defined as a contact between a student and an academic or administrative staff member, for instance, a tutorial, seminar, lecture, practical session, field trip, a meeting with a Personal Tutor, an examination sitting, completing an attendance register, a meeting with a Supervisor, etc.