Swansea University

15. Time Limits and Extensions

The expectation is that the overwhelming majority of candidates will submit their dissertation within the time-limit laid down by the regulation.  A candidate's time-limit may be extended by Swansea University in exceptional cases.  Extensions may be granted on compassionate grounds, in cases of illness, serious domestic difficulties, or inordinate professional commitments (part-time students only) which can be demonstrated to have adversely affected a candidate's ability to complete within the stipulated period. A full and reasoned case, supported by appropriate medical or other independent evidence, must be made by the College for the consideration of the Student Cases Committee.  A clear statement must be supplied, showing that the College concerned has evaluated the situation in which the candidate finds him/herself as a result of the illness or other circumstance and that it considers the requested extension to be appropriate.  Such a statement will, wherever possible, follow direct contact between the candidate and the College.