When and Where

Seminars are held each Wednesday at 13:00 in Glyndwr B. The current schedule will be updated as talks are arranged.

For further information and general enquiries please contact Ruth Horry.

Winter Term 2016

September 28th 2016

Speaker/s: Dr Michael Gradisar, Flinders University, South Australia

Title: Treating paediatric sleep disorders

Host: Prof. M Blagrove

October 5th 2016

Speaker: Dr Robin Kramer, University of York

Title: Modelling within-person variability in facial appearance: Operationalising familiarity

Host: Dr Alex Jones

October 12th 2016

Speaker: Dr Malcolm von Schantz, University of Surrey

Title: The Baependi project — Sleep, health and illness in a small Brazilian town

Host: Dr Andrew Kemp

October 19th 2016

Speaker: Prof. Jason Ellis, Northumbria University

Title: When does sleep become the enemy?

Host: Dr Andrew Kemp

October 26th 2016

Speaker: Dr Eric Robinson, University of Liverpool

Title: When Ignorance is Bliss and Knowing Hurts: Overweight & Obesity

Host: Dr Laura Wilkinson

November 2nd 2016

Speaker: Dr Lars Marstaller, Cardiff University

Title: Fear and safety learning in humans

Host: Dr Simon Dymond

November 9th 2016

Speaker: Dr. Megan Crawford, Swansea University

Title: Optimising treatment for disorders of sleep and wakefulness

Host: Dr Ruth Horry

November 16th 2016

Speaker: Dr Ryan Fitzgerald, Portsmouth University

Title: An international perspective on eyewitness identification procedures

Host: Dr Ruth Horry

November 23rd 2016

Speaker: Prof. Robert Rogers, Bangor University

Title: Why don't (some) gamblers learn the value of gambling games? And what can we do about it?

Host: Dr Simon Dymond

November 30th 2016

Speaker: Dr Dr Michiko Sakaki, University of Reading

Title: Effects of emotion on memory: when does emotion enhance and when does it impair memory?

Host: Dr Osamu Kobori

December 7th 2016


Title: Making the phone stare back into you: Using mobile apps for cognitive psychology research

Host: Dr Jeremy Tree

December 14th 2016

Speaker: No seminar today

Title: N/A

Host: N/A

Summer Term 2017

February 8th 2017

Speaker: Prof. Chris Chambers, Cardiff University

Title: The Registered Reports project: A vaccine against research bias?

Host: Dr Gabriela Jiga-Boy

February 15th 2017

Speaker: Dr Jason Thomas, Aston University

Title: Appetite and brain imaging

Host: Prof. Michelle Lee

February 22nd 2017

Speaker: Prof. Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol

Title: Scientific ecosystems and research reproducibility

Host: Dr Ruth Horry

March 1st 2017

Speaker: Prof. Zoltan Dienes, University of Sussex

Title: TBC

Host: Dr Ruth Horry

March 8th 2017

Speaker: Dr Katherine Button, University of Bath

Title: TBC

Host: Andrew Kemp

March 15th 2017

Speaker: Dr Angela Rowe, University of Bristol

Title: TBC

Host: Dr Laura Wilkinson

March 22nd 2017

Speaker: Prof. Tony Beech, University of Birmingham

Title: TBC

Host: Prof. Jason Davies

March 29th 2017

Speaker: Dr Gabriela Jiga-Boy, Swansea University

Title: TBC

Host: N/A

April 5th 2017

Speaker: Dr Simon Kyle, Oxford University

Title: TBC

Host: Megan Crawford

May 3rd 2017

Speaker: Dr Katie Fisher, Birkbeck College, University of London

Title: TBC

Host: John Towler

May 10th 2017

Speaker: Dr Dean D'Souza, University College London

Title: Neurocognitive constraints on language development in typically and atypically developing infants

Host: John Towler