Work carried out by Dr Alex Jones, a new Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, was featured recently on BBC Wales television discussing why women across Wales and beyond wear makeup.

The study, carried out with researchers at Bangor University, examined how much makeup observers perceive as optimally attractive, and the ideas we hold about how others perceive makeup. The study allowed observers to vary the amount of cosmetics on a set of faces, and revealed that both men and women found faces most attractive with around 40% less makeup than is worn on average.

However, when observers indicated what they thought other men and women would find most attractive, they increased the amount of makeup significantly, particularly when considering what other men would find most attractive. Despite expressing a preference for a more natural look, people feel that others find more makeup more attractive. These findings highlight a misperception in what is considered attractive that may affect how people feel about their appearance.

 The show, presented by Connie Fisher, was shown on BBC One Wales and can be viewed on BBC iPlayer throughout April 2016 here.