Swansea University to host major conference on the management of neurobehavioural disability and social handicap after brain injury

Swansea University’s Department of Psychology, College of Human and Health Sciences, together with Elysium Neurological, will host an acquired brain injury conference on the 27th November 2017 at the Swansea Marriott Hotel.

The exciting one-day conference will bring together leading experts in neurobehavioural rehabilitation to present the latest developments in the management of challenging behaviour and social handicap after acquired brain injury.

Challenging behaviours arising from neurobehavioural disability have been recognised as posing a greater long term impediment to community integration than physical disabilities. It is therefore essential that appropriate rehabilitative intervention is delivered to reduce the financial and social cost to individuals, their families, and society.

Speakers will describe the latest innovations regarding how social handicap can be minimised in the five major domains of neurobehavioural disability described by the St Andrews-Swansea Neurobehavioural Outcome Scale: interpersonal relationships, neurocognitive function, inhibition, aggression, and communication.

The conference will feature presentations from eminent brain injury professionals, including Professor Barbara Wilson OBE (Clinical Neuropsychologist, The Oliver Zangwill Centre and The Raphael Medical Centre), Professor Nick Alderman (Clinical Director, Priory Brain Injury Services, Elysium Neurological), and Professor Andrew Worthington (Director/Consultant in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation, Headwise). The full conference programme can be found here: Brain Injury Conference Programme

Claire WilliamsDr Claire Williams, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Swansea University said: “We are really excited to have established an annual conference in Swansea aimed at keeping clinicians, researchers and other interested parties up to date regarding developments in knowledge, assessment and management of neurobehavioural disability after acquired brain injury. By bringing together some of the UKs leading experts, we hope to increase awareness of the extent of the challenges neurobehavioural disability causes, and present the latest thinking regarding treatment to enable more effective delivery of services.”




Nick Alderman

Professor Nick Alderman, the Clinical Director of Priory Brain Injury Services, Priory Healthcare and Honorary Professor in the Department of Psychology, Swansea University said: “Following the success of our 2016 conference entitled ‘Reducing the Burden of Neurobehavioral Disability after Acquired Brain Injury: Past, Present and Future’, and entirely positive feedback from delegates, we are absolutely delighted to be holding a second conference in our series of events concerned with acquired brain injury”.



Download & view the event flyer here:

Brain Injury Conference Flyer

Brain Injury Conference Flyer (Welsh)

For further information and to register for the event, visit: https://abiswan17.eventbrite.com