Swansea University to host major conference on neurobehavioural disability after acquired brain injury

Swansea University’s Department of Psychology, College of Human and Health Sciences, together with Partnerships in Care Brain Injury Services, will host an acquired brain injury conference on the 28th November 2016 at the Swansea Marriott Hotel.

Dr Claire Williams, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Swansea University said: “Over one million people in the UK live with the effects of acquired brain injury, with an estimated cost of £4.1 billion.

“This exciting one-day conference will bring together leading experts in acquired brain injury to provide an authoritative account of the conceptualisation, history and management of neurobehavioural disability. Neurobehavioural disability after acquired brain injury is considered the greatest threat to personal autonomy, undermining rehabilitation potential and social independence. 

“By bringing together some of the UKs leading experts, we hope to increase awareness of the extent of the challenges neurobehavioural disability causes, and present the latest thinking regarding assessment and treatment to enable more effective delivery of services.”

Conference delegates will also receive training on the use of the St Andrews-Swansea Neurobehavioural Outcome Scale (SASNOS), a state-of-the-art assessment tool developed by researchers at Swansea University. The SASNOS can be used by clinicians to reliably measure the nature and severity of neurobehavioural disability after acquired brain injury, providing clinicians with important information relevant to long-term treatment planning and decisions regarding long-term community care need, as well as allowing progress in rehabilitation to be tracked in a standardised manner across services and organisations.

The conference will feature keynote presentations from Professor Rodger Wood, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology, Swansea University, and Professor Tom McMillan, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Glasgow. The full conference programme can be found here.

Professor Nick Alderman, who is the Director of Clinical Services, Brain Injury Services and Specialist Services (Psychology) at Partnerships in Care and Honorary Professor in the Department of Psychology, Swansea University said: “We are really excited about hosting this event. The conference programme will appeal to all those interested and/or involved in the care of individuals with an acquired brain injury, including case managers, commissioners, rehabilitation and healthcare professionals, clinicians, academics and legal fraternity.”

The conference is partly funded by Swansea University’s Impact Acceleration Account (funded by the EPRSC) and Swansea University Research Grant Enabler (SURGE).

For further information and to register for the event, click here.