PhD Student wins Best Poster Prize at Applied Behaviour Analysis Conference

Katharine Still won the best poster prize at the recent Division of Behaviour Analysis meeting in Galway, Ireland.

Katharine was presenting the findings of her research on facilitating requesting skills in non-verbal children with autism. The research, which was supported by a grant from Autism Speaks and has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming special issue of Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, forms part of Katharine's PhD research which she is conducting under the supervision of Simon Dymond.

Katharine presented her poster at the Psychological Society of Ireland's Division of Behaviour Analysis meeting held in April in Galway. The title of the prize-winning poster was, "Facilitating derived manding skills with a touchscreen tablet computer for children with autism spectrum disorders", and included co-authors from University of South Wales, University College Dublin, and Southern Illinois University. Congratulations, Katharine!