The Department of Psychology has increased its standing in the REF2014 results, which were announced on December 18th.

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Psychology at Swansea scored 100% at 4* for its research impact, placing it second in the UK league tables and one of only four departments to achieve a perfect rating for impact.

Psychology at Swansea is ranked 27/82 departments in the UK (by GPA) with a total of 44% of 4* research activity and 31% of 3* identified. With a total of 15 FTE staff submitted to Unit 4 (Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience), Swansea achieved a GPA of 3.18 and a Research Power score of 47.

Here is a summary of the outstanding results for psychology:

                                                                                         Grade point average         % overall
                                 4*          3*         2*        !*         
Outputs                    28.1        36        34.3     1.6                 2.91                              65%
Impact                     100                                                      4                                   20%
Environment             37.5        50        12.5                           3.25                             15%
Overall                     44           31         24          1                 3.18

Full details of the REF2014 results for Unit 4 can be found here.

When ranked by intensity, Psychology at Swansea is 19th, well above several Russell Group Universities. See the full table here.