Culture & Values


Swansea University recognises that, with all its special values the institution should thrive, both financially and creatively. For this reason, the Culture and Values programme has been established to determine what it is that makes university life so special, identify threats to this way of life and drive changes which recognise and build on a set of organisational values to embrace both quality of life for the individual and the performance of the University.

In 2015 a set of Professional Services Values were developed in consultation with over 1,500 staff members. These values have been embedded through our recruitment processes, customer services training and the PDR process.

Our Professional Service Values are:

  • We are Professional - We take pride in applying our knowledge, skills, creativity, integrity and judgement to deliver innovative, effective, efficient services and solutions of excellent quality
  • We Work Together - We take pride in working in a proactive, collaborative environment of equality, trust, respect, co-operation and challenge to deliver services that strive to exceed the needs and expectations of customers
  • We Care - We take responsibility for listening, understanding and responding flexibly to our students, colleagues, external partners and the public so that every contact they have with us is a personalised and positive experience.

          HR Values 

          The Leadership Framework

Building on this work the next phase of activity is to consult closely with academic colleagues, professional services staff and the senior leadership team to develop an holistic set of organisational values, with which all Academic and Professional Services staff can identify and demonstrate.