Enrolment, Arrivals and Induction

New taught postgraduates

Enrolment and module selection instructions for a new taught postgraduate:

September intake

New research postgraduates

Enrolment instructions for a new research student:

  1. Sep-October
  2. Dec-January 
  3. Mar-April 
  4. Jun-July


Event DateEventEvent Information
August-September Joining your course Before you Arrive Checklist
30 Aug - 17 Sep Early Enrolment in 
DACE, Law, Medicine
Healthcare, Midwifery, Paramedics, Nursing
Early Enrolment
19 September Online Enrolment opens Online Enrolment FAQ 
Enrolment cycle (PDF)
Friday to Sunday
23 - 25 September
Arrivals weekend
Arrivals and Welcome
 Friday to Thursday
23 - 29 September
New international non-EU student
Registration and Enrolment
Register and enrol in person
Monday to Friday 
26 - 30 September
Welcome Week & Induction Undergraduate Induction
Postgraduate Induction
Fresher Events
3 October Start of teaching & learning and research Term & Semester dates
Academic Colleges

International Enrolment

What new international students from outside the EU need to know about arriving and enrolling

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Joining your course

Joining your course

Information about what to do before you leave home and to help you prepare for your move to Swansea University.

Joining your course checklist

How to pay fees

How to pay fees

September Arrivals weekend

Arrivals weekend

Find out what's happening 

Arrivals and Welcome