Political Analysis and Governance

The Political Analysis and Governance (PAG) research group covers comparative, national and sub-national politics; policy studies, territorial politics, urban politics and political behaviour; as well as political theory concerned with the theory and practice of democracy.

Members of the Group seek to develop original research agendas in the study of government, governance and comparative politics.  We seek to innovate in research methods in engaging with ESRC priorities on quantitative research. The Group also seeks to develop original inter-disciplinary research in the areas of citizenship, social and political participation, media and politics, and area studies.   

Staff and Activities 

PAG currently covers the staff research in this area of Emel Akcali, Roland Axtmann, Mark Bevir, Jonathan Bradbury, Themis Chronopoulos, Gerard Clarke, Dion Curry, Mark Evans, Ekaterina Kolpinskaya, Bettina Petersohn, Miriam Sorace, Matthew Wall and Yan Wu.

Activities include conferences, research workshops and contributions to the departmental seminar ahead of publication submission; preparation of research grant proposals; collaboration in developing impact from research; and development of PhD activities. 

A full archive of the Group’s past and present activities is currently under construction as part of a re-design of the research webpages. 

Upcoming Events (dates to be confirmed) 

Conference of Initiative for managing policy-maker-academic co-operation and knowledge transfer (IMPACKT) – Lead Dr Dion Curry, Marie Curie Fellow, in collaboration with Dr Enrico Andreoli (Engineering) and Dr James Cronin (Medicine)

Workshop on China, Political Participation and the Internet – Lead, Dr Matthew Wall and Dr Yan Wu, China attitudes survey, funded by Swansea Dept of Political and Cultural Studies-Bush School of Government, Texas A & M partnership. 

Most Recent Workshop

Political Parties and Policy Positions in Welsh Politics, 5 December 2016, part of the PAG initiative on Political Analysis and Governance in Wales.

Sophie Williams and Matthew Wall, ‘Voter advice applications and party positioning: the case of the 2016 National Assembly for Wales Elections’

Siim Trumm (Nottingham), ‘Looking for trouble: where are the policy divisions in Welsh politics’

Jonathan Bradbury, ‘Political parties and territorial policy: parties, experts and the reform of devolution in Wales since 2011’