Research in the Particle Theory group

(Carlos Nunez, Maurizio Piai)

Strongly coupled field theories exhibit a rich structure, in which many non-conventional dynamical features emerge, and within which fine-tuning problems can be addressed and solved. The ideas and techniques of gauge-gravity dualities can be used to make quantitative statement about strongly coupled field theories of certain special classes, allowing to overcome the intrinsic difficulty due to the strong dynamics itself.

The group is active in applying these techniques to new physics systems of phenomenological relevance to high energy physics and cosmology. In particular, dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking can be described in terms of the gravity dual of a strongly coupled field theory: in this context, the recently discovered Higgs particle could be interpreted as a pseudo-dilation of the new strong dynamics. Other open questions can be addressed within this type of framework, such as the physics of flavour generation and of dark matter.  Recently, the group began to apply the ideas of holography also to the construction of viable models of inflationary cosmology.