Quantum Control

Sophie Schirmer's research interests are in the area of modelling, control and optimization of physical systems. A particular interest is quantum systems and quantum technologies (an RCUK focus area) and their applications, often in unexpected areas. At the moment Sophie is working with a group of medical physicists, neuroscientists, radiologists and clinicians on applying quantum control techniques in magnetic resonance imaging to develop new tools for molecular imaging. She has many other interests in modelling and control of nanoscale quantum devices, system identification and quantum networks.

Sophie is a member of the EU QUAINT network (coordinated by Ilya Kuprov, Southampton; see qurope.eu/projects/quaint) and has strong links with the constituent groups comprised of around a dozen universities from several EU countries. Sophie also has links with groups in the USA (USC), China (NUDT) and Australia (RMIT, Melbourne).