Physics at Swansea

Studying Physics at Swansea is a unique and stimulating experience.

From fundamental particles like quarks and leptons, through anti-matter, the quantum world, superconductivity, semiconductors and lasers, to the shape of the universe as a whole, Physics covers it all! Physics is, of course, the study of the natural world and aims to understand, to quantify, to predict and to exploit its behaviour.

In doing so physicists have changed the way we live, from the industrial revolution to the more recent telecommunications, electronics and information revolutions. Physics continues to tackle problems on the frontiers of knowledge, to which today's answers will affect the way we live tomorrow. Such an exciting and extensive subject requires a suitable training ground; Swansea's Physics Department offers just that! Physics graduates are more fortunate than most, gaining unique insights into exciting cutting-edge areas of physics due to the specialised research interests of the teaching staff. Studying physics, you benefit from a rigorous treatment of the subject and acquire the skills that are highly sought-after in employment sectors.

At Swansea, students will find excellent facilities coupled with enthusiastic and skilled teaching. The Department is highly rated for the quality of its teaching and achieved the highest award of 'Excellent' in the Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA) and remains the only "Excellent" Physics Department in Wales.

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