Performance Enabling

What is Performance Enabling?

The University is in an exciting and challenging period of development. We have made significant progress over the last decade, but still have further to go in achieving our aspiration to be a sustainable top 30 University by 2020. Success will require us to be more organised and consistent in supporting and encouraging staff performance. Performance Enabling is a range of related approaches including Policies, Systems, Practices and Tools which are designed to support, enhance and develop the performance of individual staff and thereby delivering the University’s key strategic themes and policy challenges. 

This is achieved through:

  • Clarifying the expectations of the employee’s role and standard of performance required.
  • Ensuring that the employee is clear on the key organisational objectives and their part in contributing to the delivery of these.
  • Providing the appropriate support, feedback, coaching and skilling to enable the individual to perform to their maximum level.
  • Removal of the barriers that prevent an individual from performing.
  • Demonstrating that employees who perform well are recognised and those who under-perform are challenged. 

Performance Enabling can begin before an individual is in post by ensuring that requirements and expectations are clearly defined, that we appoint the person who demonstrates they are the best ‘fit’ to meet these requirements and expectations, and that support required by the individual is properly identified and planned in.

Our journey so far...

Our journey so far...

Quick Stats

  • Of the Interim Reviews completed in 2017, 15 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Annual Reviews completed in 2016, 15 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Interim Reviews completed in 2016, 13 areas achieved 100%
  • Of the Annual Reviews completed in 2015, 15 areas achieved 100%


Annual Professional Development Teviews will be beginning on the 1st September and need to be completed by the 30th November. Step by Step guides on how to complete the process can be found by going to:

Professional Development Reviews