Declaration of Outside Interests

Declaration of Outside Interests

Outside interests can be broadly defined as activities undertaken wholly or partly outside the employment of the University (other than in the normal course of contractual duties including any contractual duty to undertake and publish research), whether remuneration is received or not, which might lead to a conflict between the interests of the University and those of the individual concerned.

Declaration of Outside Interests

Early Declaration 

Where a member of staff in the discharge of University duties becomes involved in discussions or negotiations concerning matters in which he/she has a personal interest, it is especially important that such interest is declared to the University at the outset of this involvement. 

Completion of Form of Declaration 

A declaration of interest form must be completed by members of the academic/academic related staff on appointment.  The form must be completed even when a nil return is appropriate.  The Human Resources Officer will send this to each new member of staff appointed during the course of the year, to accompany the letter of appointment.  Any changes which arise during the course of the year must be reported to the Registrar.  (From time to time, existing members may be asked to complete a new entry for the register). 

Register of Interests 

A register of interests will be compiled by the Registrar, and will be available for inspection on request. 


The University will not in any circumstances be liable for any negligent outcome arising from a member of staff’s outside activities for which permission has been granted, whether remuneration has been received or not. A disclaimer to this effect is included on the form. 

Use of University name and address 

Individuals are reminded that the use of the University’s name and address in any documents used in conjunction with outside activities is expressly forbidden without any prior written approval of the Registrar. 

Paid Outside Work 

Members of the academic staff are reminded of financial regulation D10 about seeking the written consent of the Head of Department or, in the case of senior staff the Vice-Chancellor, if they wish to take up private consultancy work or other paid work. Once permission has been obtained for such activities, a member of staff should ensure that such commitments are entered on his/her declaration of interests form.

Declaration of Outside Interests