Swansea University - Contribution Points on Salary Scales

Human Resources

The Use of Contribution Points on Salary Scales

The additional “contribution points” on the top of salary scales are to be used for changes in role or responsibilities which are not recognised through then HERA process. In future these may be requested at any time of year when there is a change in the role which does not warrant a regrading.

Substantive changes in job responsibilities will normally fall within the ambit of job evaluation and regrading, however, there are cases where, for example, there is an additional element of a member of staff’s role which is different in character from others in a School or Department on the same grade, but does not provide scope for regrading, e.g. taking on responsibility for another area of work at the same grade. 

Contribution points will therefore be used in two possible scenarios:

  • To recognise staff who have taken on significant additional duties on a temporary basis for a fixed period, or 
  • On a permanent basis where additional duties have become a permanent feature of the grade but where a change in grade is not justified. 

Application for Contribution Points may be submitted by the relevant Head of School/Director at any time of year, to the Director of HR for consideration through the post approvals mechanism.  

The award of contribution points will be separate from Merit Awards and will not be subject to the funding limit for those Awards. 

Contribution points will be normally be effective from the date that the additional duties were undertaken.