Swansea University - Visiting Academics

International Academic Visitors

Swansea University welcomes international Academic Visitors or Visiting Professors who wish to spend between 1 and 12 months at Swansea University undertaking cooperative activity with University colleagues. This could include participating in seminars, conferences or workshops with students and staff, authoring or co-authoring articles in scholarly publications and journals, assisting in class or laboratory lectures, collaborating in research activities, exploring opportunities for joint research projects between Swansea University and your home institution, or establishing a network of contacts.

Comprehensive information regarding visiting researchers and academics at Swansea University can be found at the following page:

If you are interested in coming to Swansea University as a visiting academic or researcher please complete the Visiting Academic and Researcher Application Form and email it to ido@swansea.ac.uk

If you have any questions regarding any of the information on these pages, please contact isas@swansea.ac.uk