Sue Mortimer

Sue Mortimer_bigSue Mortimer is dedicated to her role in the School of Management where she is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Not only is she a popular lecturer – I have observed her lectures where she clearly engages well with students - she always takes the time to mentor less experienced members of staff, even if they have not officially been assigned to her as mentees. She has clearly demonstrated her capability as an extended professional lecturer by her willingness to share relevant material with colleagues and her flexibility by volunteering to take on a variety of modules at short notice.

Perhaps her greatest accolade is the combination of academic achievement and practical experience that Sue brings to the role. She has an impressive string of qualifications, including Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, as well as a degree in modern languages from Oxford University. No doubt Sue’s ability to speak five languages gives her insight into the difficulties which some of our non-native English speakers face in their studies, and this empathy for her students clearly shines through in her attitude to them and is in turn reflected in her popularity.

Sue’s professional experience, working in international mergers and acquisitions, as well as in audit and forensic accounting at so-called ‘Big Four’ accounting firm KPMG in the City of London, also bears witness to her achievements. From this wealth of experience, she can draw upon many examples to bring to life the students’ theoretical studies and can enhance their employability awareness. Sue has an impressive CV, including running a company in Berlin, managing a long-term role on the so-called ‘Nazi Gold’ investigation into the assets deposited by Holocaust victims at Swiss banks, and a major fraud in Spain resulting in her client being awarded US$800m.

Not only has Sue been active in her professional role, she is committed to adding value to the community in her voluntary roles. She has also found the time to raise twins – and even write a book involving interviewing numerous families with twins across Europe, culminating in a guest lecture at The Department of Twin Research at King’s College, London.

Sue’s natural leadership abilities have been recognised in the responsibilities assigned to her at Swansea University, where she continues to be an inspiration to staff and students alike.