Sarah Norris

Sarah Norris_bigSarah Norris is a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at Swansea University; she inspires people every day and in so many ways.

She has been a midwife since the early 1990’s – serving the women and families of Swansea in a very loving, respectful and professional manner. She was never too tired to help or too important to care. Whilst working as a midwife she became team leader, a supervisor and then practice development midwife in her area. She has been a teacher since 2003 and in this role she continues to be extremely hard-working as a dedicated teacher, personal tutor, colleague and friend.

It is always amazing how Sarah juggles her very busy personal life with an extremely packed work life. Sarah takes excellent care of her immediate and extended family whilst also contributing hugely to midwifery in Wales, throughout the UK and the wider community and being a pivotal member of the Midwifery and Reproductive Health Team in the College of Human & Health Sciences.

In the past 5 years she has developed, led and taught many modules and programmes in the College; she has presented at and chaired Welsh, UK and international conferences; she prepared the bid and won the contract from Welsh Government to deliver the All Wales preparation programme for Supervisors of Midwives; she regularly advises several strategic groups on midwifery and supervision issues; she leads on admissions for undergraduate Midwifery programmes; she leads on post graduate programmes for Midwifery and women’s health and more than this she is a reliable, excellent, calm and helpful colleague. Her proudest professional achievement so far has been that she recently completed her PhD on a part-time basis. But she has not stopped there, she has recently won a bursary to continue her work into post-doctoral studies and has plans to take these further with a project that aims to explore (and improve) the working practices of midwives.

Sarah has a strong work ethic, which is the envy of many and she displays an unrelenting commitment to supporting students and her colleagues. She is an academic who is also a practical ‘doer’ ; she is the consummate professional who understands the challenges that this brings and she is above all a deep thinker, with a strong strand of intuition running right through her personality and her approach. This is a magical mix and I am proud to call her my friend and colleague.