Yan Wu

Dr Yan Wu teaches and researches in Media Studies, acts as the Programme Director for MA International Journalism, holds the responsibility as COAH’s International Academic Advisor, and sits on the Race Equality Charter self-assessment team.

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Becky Waldram

Becky is studying for an Engineering Doctorate based at SPECIFIC. Her project is a study of Electroless Nickel plating using advanced corrosion and characterisation techniques to quantify the performance of various alloys.

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Chantal Patel

Chantal studied law and qualified as a solicitor before deciding to join higher education. She is currently head of the Department for Interprofessional Studies and manages 63 academic staff from diverse professional and academic disciplines.

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Ruth Costigan

Ruth is a founding member of the Law College at SU. She has made a huge contribution to the student experience at College and University level and was the person who first recognised the need for coordinated academic support for students with disabilities.

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Sarah Norris

Sarah Norris is a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at SU and has presented at and chaired Welsh, UK and international conferences. She regularly advises several strategic groups on midwifery and supervision issues.

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Emma Frearson Emmanuel

Emma was Head of the International Development Office in 2013. Under her leadership, international and EU student numbers increased by 37% in the last 5 years and the IDO has been shortlisted for two Times Higher awards.

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Sue Mortimer

Sue is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, and has a degree in modern languages from Oxford University. Her ability to speak five languages gives her insight into the difficulties non-English speakers face in their studies.

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