Megan Coles

Megan Coles_bigMegan commenced her degree programme in Midwifery at the College of Human and Health Sciences in 2013. Megan is achieving high academic grades and outstanding grades from her clinical placements.  

In her second year she volunteered to be an Athena SWAN student ambassador for the College and attended the required training. This role involves raising students’ awareness of Athena SWAN and its principles which aims to promote gender equality and to act as a resource for students regarding gender equality issues.  Megan took on a leadership role in terms of supporting the College’s Athena SWAN International Women’s Day celebrations.  As the theme last year for International Women’s Day was `Make it happen’ and `Paint it Purple’, the College Athena SWAN strategy group decided to fund raise for a charity called Project My Girl in Malawi which supports young girls to stay in education.  Megan developed posters to promote the event, set up a Twitter account, promoted the event widely through social media and motivated peers to bake cakes to sell to raise funds.  She and her colleagues hosted a stall and sold cakes in Fulton House to students and staff.  She encouraged students to attend College in their uniform, which for midwifery and nursing students happen to be purple, to indeed paint the College purple.  She also raised awareness of the project with the midwifery student society who made a generous donation to Project My Girl and in total with the combined efforts of students and staff in the College, £688 was raised for this very worthwhile charity.  Subsequently she volunteered to be the undergraduate student representative on the University Athena SWAN Strategy Group chaired by PVC Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott.  

Besides Athena SWAN activities she has been actively involved in a peer led teaching initiative with paramedic students.  She has demonstrated leadership skills beyond her years and the ability to motivate others to get involved which needs to be duly recognised.