Caroline Coleman-Davies

Caroline Coleman-Davies_bigCaroline has worked at Swansea University since 1993 in academic and administrative roles. In her current role (Strategic Partnership Manager in the IDO) she manages the University’s Texas Strategic Partnership. The partnership has gone from strength to strength in the two years that she has managed it and last year was shortlisted for a Times Higher Education Leadership and Management Award. Caroline was also responsible for a successful Erasmus+ funding application to support staff and student mobility to Texas which was ranked top in the UK and saw the University awarded €78,500. 

Prior to her current role, Caroline made a significant impact in marketing and student recruitment, first in the UK Student Recruitment Office (SRO) and later in the Business School / School of Management.  In the SRO she acquired a national reputation as a speaker, bringing Swansea University into contact with the UK’s highest achieving schools/colleges and establishing the University’s postgraduate open days and house hunting events. In the Business School she was responsible for establishing University best practice in events, publications and web design, and in transforming the School’s branding, marketing and student recruitment practices.

Caroline’s drive, energy, and enthusiasm inspire me, as do her insight and skills in relation to marketing, recruitment, events, publications, web design and international partnerships.  Caroline deliberately chose to step away from an academic career in Geography, a brave step that recognised her unique skill set and qualities. Her skills and expertise in marketing, recruitment, and now internationalisation means she commands the respect of academic and administrative staff. The only problem is trying to walk across campus with her, she knows everyone we see and they all want to chat!

Caroline’s values focus on doing the best job possible and in over 20 years of working alongside her I have never seen her give anything but her all. She is passionate about the University and fiercely protective of its reputation, image and staff.  Her motto would probably be “how hard can it be?” This is a woman who spent the Christmas break re-fitting her kitchen with the help of ‘You Tube’.  ‘Holidays’ for Caroline mean extreme sports, she is an excellent wake-border, windsurfer and mountain biker and has a skill for game shows, having appeared on Wheel of Fortune, The Weakest Link, Cash Cab, Eggheads and Tipping Point to date!

Caroline has a reputation for plain speaking (many people will know exactly what I am talking about!) but her warmth, empathy, sense of humour and absolute commitment to Swansea University means that she is extremely well liked, and widely respected. However busy, she is always ready to help, share expertise, or provide a listening ear. She takes particular care to nurture and encourage junior female colleagues to develop their skills and promote their strengths. I genuinely know of no-one else in the university with her depth and range of experience who is so universally liked. She is my go-to person for any ‘who, how, where’ question related to the university’s day-to-day business, and she always knows the answer!